SIM Warehouse

In delivering the growing demands of warehousing, PT. Sukses Indo Multiguna as an Indonesian property developer was established in August 2011 to focus on warehouse rental of ready-to-use or customizable ‘Built to Suit’ (BTS) services – term & condition.

As a logistic and industrial company catering to multinational companies, PT Sukses Indo Multiguna challenges the notion of traditional ware-housing services by navigating a lead in the industry through its comprehensive capacity to deliver professionalism and strategic location for potential growth. The themes for growth are communicated through the prolific skills of its people and the dedication to articulate perfection through innovation solutions and gain distinctive opportunities.

Vision & Mission

The primary goal of PT Sukses Indo Multiguna is to accentuate its services to provide a leading and dependable warehouse to customers and ensure sustainable profit and growth occurred are based on strategic locations.

The service-oriented core value is embraced by providing integrity and excellence by promoting a culture of teamwork and unity across synergy platforms and to communicate an ideal environment based on a humble approach of respecting fellow peers.

We continue to enhance both services and space to be exceptional in the multinational arena.

Core Value

Our core value are deeply rooted in every aspect of our business, As a company that focus on warehouse rental and ready to use or ‘Build to Suit’ (BTS) services, these values enable us to provide effective services to our customers through excellence, expertise in achieving the wholesome character of a good corporate citizen.

  • 01 : Customer First

    We offer our associates fair treatment respect, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • 02 : Best People

    We attract, develop, and retain the best talents for our business. We constantly challenge our people to demonstrate a “can-do” attitude and foster a colla-borative and mutually supportive environment.

  • 03 : Dedication

    We win customers’ respect and trust primarily through dedication. This includes every effort we make to create value for customers and to improve our capabilities.

  • 04 : Continuous Improvement

    Continuous improvement is required for us to become better associates for our customers and be able to improve and grow as an individual. This process requires actively listening and learning for development.

  • 05 : Integrity

    Being ethically unyielding and honest is to advocate an inspiring trust to consistently act upon what is said. We ensure our behaviors constantly match the words and action we take responsibly.

  • 06 : Teamwork

    Striving for effective collaboration with the right people will lead into innovative ideas and optimal solutions. Respect and diversity in teamwork and values developes achievable common goals based on interaction, recommendations, and decision.

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PT. Sukses Indo Multiguna
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